Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is this real life?!

Can it be true? Emily and Joel still play video games?!


We've actually just been playing other video games together instead... Also busy getting married, moving, etc. Also there was a lot of anime (Full Metal Alchemist) involved.

Anyway... So we played Skyward Sword a few times without posting, sorry. Turns out it was a bad idea for us, because now we can't remember what we were supposed to be doing. XD We are in a dried up desert land. However, Joel turned one section of it back into the past, so it's nice and green. Now he's just flying his bug around... Trying to hit everything he can. And jump off cliffs. 

Joel figured out how to get to our map menu!! We're in Lanayru Mine/Desert.

We talked to a tiny robot guy who kindly "fixed"  our map for us... He believed it was inaccurate  since he's from the past, so now it's wrong. :/ Alright, alright, it was a little bit useful... It shows us the pathways underneath the sand, so we don't drown.

We found a secret wall entrance to somewhere. There are giant snails and green sand--what? Ah well, we went back into the past. We also found out we're close to the Temple of Time, which makes sense with all the robots stuck in time, right? The blocks here look like cassette tapes. The snails are electric! Boogie woogie! I don't think Zelda has ever had electric lights before! Joel turned on the electricity with his sword.

I keep seeing hookshot targets, but we don't have a hookshot yet. :/ Joel found the key switch for water now! There is only one left. We also found a rare Goddess Plume! The birds here are mean. Apparently tumbleweeds are really rare and awesome. Who knew?! Joel is spaztastic at catching bugs.The dowsing rod was telling us to go two different ways... Typical. Dowsing is ineffective. The electric jellies are kind of scary! 

Joel and I got really excited to open the blue chest and it played the special music and suspense was building... and it was ore. C'mon.

We were getting really low on health and we're out of potions, so to the sky! We first stopped at Beedle's Airshop. If you ever hear me say "Thank you" in a way that seems a little too much, it's because I'm quoting Beedle. I find it super hilarious. I love it. :)

Ok so we're back to the desert. Joel got the fire key switch and then unlocked the mine. It was pretty epic for just a mine. 

Sooo... I got distracted by the Internet. Joel did lots of stuff. :D Impa & Zelda went through a time portal. We found the old lady & opened the Gate of Time and we had to defeat & seal up the big mean black guy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012



We finished Majora's mask a while back and at the time, we thought it would be a good idea for us to revisit this blog and write up our final thoughts on our journey. Then real life happened and we totally never got around to it...

But now we have started Skyward Sword! (To be honest, we started the night we got it, which was way back in November... We're not too far into it though.)

So I guess we'll have to come back and revisit majora's mask in the near future, so sorry :P

On to newerier and more shinier things!

If you are unaware, skyward sword is the newest zelda game and it has been getting surprisingly high reviews, even for this established series. Probably just because you can fly a giant bird. Also your teacher is a young, elf jesus.

Without giving away any very specific plot details, there are some pretty interesting differences between this zelda and past/future episodes. For instance, link has a pretty established village among the clouds that hasn't seemed to fall to any catastrophes yet. They also haven't cast us out for "just happening to be around while the village leader/king was murdered". We also aren't from some crazy dream world. So this is quite a departure for the series into a more classic rpg archetype.

At far.

Oh and you can fly a giant bird. I guess that's pretty original.

Anyway, we have already played it for a bit so we're already a bit into the lets join emilink right now and see what they are up to!

apparently emilink is talking to a washed up swordsman in a floating cave who wants to cut bamboo. Then he makes fun of how "short our sword" is. /eyeroll

So emilink got mad at that and cut all his bamboo to pieces. The he gave us monies and still made fun of us....

Moving on!

Remember how when the wii came out everyone wanted a really good sword fighting game to actually control a sword with? Well this is that game. Fighting is surprisingly technical in how you attack different enemies. A nice little side effect of that is that when you draw your sword and do not immediately start flailing around to try and hit hold your sword directly out in front of you. Its pretty comical running around like that. Looks like your trying to joust...only like a retard.

There is also a giant floating pumpkin which is where the crazy old man lives. I like this game.
So far the dialogue is considerably more entertaining as well, and not just in a creepy way (don't worry, there's plenty of creepiness still, we just found a missing little girl who was hiding out underneath the floating city with a demon guy who really wants to be human so he wants us to be nice???).

Emilink broke a custom made chandelier and so now she has to deliver hot pumpkin soup to pay it back... which is pretty cool when you have a bird. Just watch out for tornadoes eh?

So... In case you were still not sure if the creepy levels were adequate, we just found FUN FUN ISLAND!! Complete with creepy dancing clown guy! So uncomfortable. I'm sure Joel will be back here later in secret though.

Now it is time to explore the skies. Joel doesn't want any floating island to be left out.

We landed in a volcano! :D I don't know what these guys are. Ha. Right as I type that the third one we find tells us they're called "Mogmas." They have bomb flowers and dig underground. They're also very protective of their "turf." I'm way better than Joel at catching bugs. He sure loves blowing stuff up though. We also met a seal made of fire and sent some bricks to the sky.

Joel went into a tunnel and killed all the bad guys! Then the Mogma was so happy he gave us Digging Mitts! We're going to be rich from all this mining. One thing I don't like is that your shield can only take so much damage.

Joel feels like a celebrity!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Night of the Final Day

So here we are at the end of it all. It's taken us a year to beat this game, but tonight we will attempt it! Even though we didn't get all of the heart pieces or find all of the broken fairies... I'm the type of player who is into that, but Joel isn't. Also, we bought the new Zelda so we need to finish this one so we can get into Skyward Sword.

I was going to write a blog a while back when we FINALLY earned the Couple's Mask. It was going to be really interesting too! But I never wrote it because I was too tired and then I was grumpy. We did get it after many, many attempts though. Maybe someday I'll write about it.

It is the final night. The moon is about to crush us all as Skull Kid screams. But we play the Oath to Order and the four Giants come. It stopped. The Skull Kid was lonely, so Majora's Mask exploited him in his weakness. Lesson learned: Be friends with people, because if you don't they might end up bringing down the moon to crush you.

After all our hard work, we go inside the the moon and you know what Joel does? He gives away our masks to little kids. HE JUST GIVES THEM AWAY. And then plays hide-and-seek.

"What is... the right thing?

I wonder...
If you do the right thing...
Does it really make...

"Your true face...
What kind of face is it?

I wonder...
The face under the mask...
Is that...your true face?"

"Your friends...
What kind of...people are they?

I wonder...
Do those people...
think of a friend?"

What makes you...happy?

I wonder...
What makes you happy...
Does it make...others happy, too?"

Who exactly is Majora? And why did they make such a scary mask that could possess people? It's not necessarily a creepy mask, I think it looks kinda cool, but it does some really creepy things. Like growing legs and arms that are kind of like whips that choke us. We used the Fierce Deity mask that the Majora child gave us and saved the day though. The moon turned into a rainbow and the people who were fleeing rejoiced instead.

"Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow."

"However, that parting need not last forever... Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time... That is up to you."

Friday, October 21, 2011

At the Request of Samantha

Well here we are once again... Trying to finish the Anju + Kafei quest. We're so close to the end. Anyone taking bets on whether we screw up again or not? I hope for our sake that we make it...

Welp. Shoot. No Sun Mask for us. I think we're going to have to come back to this later. :(

So onto the the Stone Tower it is!

Hello! This is Alayna now! Emily's roomate and secret girlfriend. (Don't tell Joel! jk he totally knows.)
Joel's totally hardcore and can play the songs on the ocarina super fast. Theyre in some weird place and Joel was leaving creepy dead husks of himself all over the place to keep the buttons held down. Typical creepster behavior if you ask me.

Joel and Emily have this shield that is SUPER creepy. It seriously looks like there's a soul trapped inside screaming. Joel says its just supposed to be shiny and that there's no soul... I think they're hiding something...

Yay Joel figured it out!! But then He woke up a statue... Emily says it loves him too much because it wont leave him alone now.
Joel keeps forgetting he isn't the big guy and he keeps jumping in the lava.
"Look I'm electricity!" -Joel
Joel keeps swimming headfirst into the walls.

It's my bedtime so I'm handing the computer over to Emily now!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joel's Turn

First, Joel wanted me to post some pictures. :)
This is our new setup for playing Zelda:I recently moved in with Alayna. This is the collection of game systems we currently have with us. 3 Gamecubes + 8 controllers; 1 Xbox 360 + 2 controllers; 1 Nintendo64 + 4 controllers; 2 Playstation2s + 6 controllers. I haven't taken time to count all our games.
Yes, we're awesome.

Anyway, now it's my turn to sit back, eat brownies and make snarky comments! :P

Joel keeps killing the Takkuri bird over and over again. He wants to be rich.

"Joel, what's your favorite thing about this game?"
"um... probably that it's so varied. Like... I like the variations of all the characters, they're so different than from a typical adventure game."

He has a point... A big part of this game is getting to know everyone's life and helping out individuals. But then you just go back in time and they forget you. Except for the banker.

Now all Joel wants to do is make the bobble-head cow wiggle. And is distracted by a giant sword. Go figure. He finished the expert course though! Wooooo. Now we have a second row of life. :D

"I fell through the world just now... I ended up in East Clock Town." So I guess if you dug a hole through the earth you wouldn't end up in China, but East Clock Town instead. Not bad imo.

Joel is emo and trying to blow himself up.
Okay. Let's be honest. This game has some pretty creepy things about it. The moon, the mirror shield, the mask selling guy, the music box man... But one of the more creepy elements is whenever you play the Elegy of Emptiness. Seriously... I'm not looking forward when we have to get the stone temple done. >_<

Well... I'm too tired to write anything else.

...Aaaand we're back

Ok guys, we're back after a bit of a hiatus during which I broke our save game and was really pissed off about that. Also, emily moved into another apartment with alayna! Maybe we'll get her to to a guest post sometime... ;)

Anyway, we're back in a new place (with a much better Tv set up I might add) and playing again!

I totally messed everything up last time, so Emily is going to be playing tonight.
She decided to work on the couples quest once again because it's pretty much taunting us at this point and that needs to end. Prior to setting out and mending this relationship in earnest, emily rolled around in a field looking for some bombs.

"Joel, do you think it's a sign that you keep messing up the couples quest?"

While waiting for time to crawl by, emily decided to visit every arachnophobes nightmare; the abandoned skulltula house by the sea. Not surprisingly, fire is used often. Also, WHY IS SPIDERWEB ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE?

Holy crap, pitch dark library lit with tiny candles and living skeletons? Wall dropping hands? Spiders freaking everywhere?Why did I completely forget how scary this place was? Thankfully, we have to get back to Anju to start this whole goose chase over again....aaand she's not there.
Living without cellphones and the internet to constantly keep track of everyone would be really frustrating...

The mailman is my favorite.

Also, we randomly figured out how to get a room in the inn which is good because we forgot how to . Wooo!

The musicbox man is also my favorite.

Back to the skulltula house!
Does anyone know how it's supposed to be pronounced? Is it skulltula as one word (skultuluh)or more like skull-tula (skull [space] tulla)?

After gathering 26 of 30 tokens, we head back to wait for anju in the inn.

omg these are delicious.

Mailed anju's letter again and now emily is off to conquer the spider house, which she does handily.

Right as we finish up some crazy bum comes in and demands to trade us this spooky abandoned and now spiderless house ( he thinks it's the zelda equivalent of a fallout shelter) for a giant wallet. Sure guy, whatever.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mask Wearers Unite!

Today we join our adventurer Joel on his way to meet Kafei. He appears to be having some sort of secret Hat-Wearing Club Meeting with the postman.

Joel honestly had to think about whether he could keep a secret or not. He said no. Kafei's response: "...Listen, when someone asks you that, you say yes."
Oh wait... I mean mystery boy said that. We had no idea he was Kafei until he revealed himself...

Why is the mask icon in our notebook so creepy? So... it turns out Ninetales is in this game. We answered all his questions. We cheated though. Then we decided to go to the Beach Skulltulla house. So much scratching... o_o We had to leave though because it was time to meet the creeper guy. Seriously though, he looks like a pedophile. Or maybe just a hipster. :/

We run run run to meet Kafei outside Sakon's hideout. But we got there a bit early so decided to play some music. Apparently mummies hate music. Sakon saw us. Eff. Now we have to start over. And to make it worse Joel didn't believe me that saving a game at an owl statue won't last if you push reset. So now we're out 2 heart pieces and a biggest quiver.

So back to Day 1. Basically we have to redo everything we did last time. Joel is grumpy. Good thing we keep this blog though or we'd have no idea what the heck we lost. XD

If you could choose to keep only one mask, which would you keep? Joel chose the bunny hood. I think it's proof of his emo bunny-ness. I'd probably pick the Garo mask myself. :)