Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is this real life?!

Can it be true? Emily and Joel still play video games?!


We've actually just been playing other video games together instead... Also busy getting married, moving, etc. Also there was a lot of anime (Full Metal Alchemist) involved.

Anyway... So we played Skyward Sword a few times without posting, sorry. Turns out it was a bad idea for us, because now we can't remember what we were supposed to be doing. XD We are in a dried up desert land. However, Joel turned one section of it back into the past, so it's nice and green. Now he's just flying his bug around... Trying to hit everything he can. And jump off cliffs. 

Joel figured out how to get to our map menu!! We're in Lanayru Mine/Desert.

We talked to a tiny robot guy who kindly "fixed"  our map for us... He believed it was inaccurate  since he's from the past, so now it's wrong. :/ Alright, alright, it was a little bit useful... It shows us the pathways underneath the sand, so we don't drown.

We found a secret wall entrance to somewhere. There are giant snails and green sand--what? Ah well, we went back into the past. We also found out we're close to the Temple of Time, which makes sense with all the robots stuck in time, right? The blocks here look like cassette tapes. The snails are electric! Boogie woogie! I don't think Zelda has ever had electric lights before! Joel turned on the electricity with his sword.

I keep seeing hookshot targets, but we don't have a hookshot yet. :/ Joel found the key switch for water now! There is only one left. We also found a rare Goddess Plume! The birds here are mean. Apparently tumbleweeds are really rare and awesome. Who knew?! Joel is spaztastic at catching bugs.The dowsing rod was telling us to go two different ways... Typical. Dowsing is ineffective. The electric jellies are kind of scary! 

Joel and I got really excited to open the blue chest and it played the special music and suspense was building... and it was ore. C'mon.

We were getting really low on health and we're out of potions, so to the sky! We first stopped at Beedle's Airshop. If you ever hear me say "Thank you" in a way that seems a little too much, it's because I'm quoting Beedle. I find it super hilarious. I love it. :)

Ok so we're back to the desert. Joel got the fire key switch and then unlocked the mine. It was pretty epic for just a mine. 

Sooo... I got distracted by the Internet. Joel did lots of stuff. :D Impa & Zelda went through a time portal. We found the old lady & opened the Gate of Time and we had to defeat & seal up the big mean black guy.

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